As the state of California, and the country at large, slip further into economic depression, the response of the government has been to inflict severe cuts to education and social services as it prioritizes public resources to funding its wars around the world and maintaining the rich in power.

While the working class and communities of color have for centuries experienced and expressed their discontent with the economic structure of this country, the recent upsurge of the Occupy Movement (inspired by the Arab Spring) is symptomatic of a generalized awakening to the social and economic injustices of this country and a desire for qualitative change.

It is crucial for the future of education in California for students from universities, community colleges, and K-12 to continuously meet and collectively strategize and organize. Not merely for a single day of action, but work to maintain a sustainable movement of struggle individually on our campuses and collectively throughout the Southern California region.

We are an autonomous grassroots coalition of students coming together to:

1) Encourage and foster continuous and open communication between students from institutions of higher learning.
2) Build a solidarity network between campuses to strategize and organize collectively
3) Establish a sustainable struggle against the diminishing access to education
4) Link the struggle for education to other social justice struggles
5) Organize for future actions


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